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Seasonal Availability and Approximate Price List for 2017

All Summer We Have

Eggs: brown, organic; prices vary from sales at $.99 a dozen to $3.99 per dozen.

Honey right from our own hives! Various prices and sizes.

April May

Asparagus: $5.49 a pound; this sells very quickly and can be reserved ahead of time

Rhubarb: $3.99 a pound, about 2 pounds makes a pie.

Early May/Early June

Strawberries: Already picked and U Pick: Prices may vary due to supply and demand.


Raspberries, black: Prices may vary. These go FAST! Can reserve in June.

Blueberries; Prices may vary. Can reserve in June.

Blackberries; Prices may vary. Can reserve in June.

Tomatoes: (available July through frost) $2.99 per lb. $99 a bushel.

Frozen Foods

Apple Cider from our own apple trees! Various sizes and prices.

Ground Beef from our own calves! Tender and low fat! $4.99 per lb.


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