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Mulberry Lane Farm Cooperative/Bulk Buyer's Club

Like a food co-op---great prices but without the work!

Simply place your order and pick it up!

No minimum order!

Serving areas in Illinois: Loda, Bayles Lake, Iroquois Lake, Cissna Park, Paxton, Buckley, Gibson City, Rantoul, Onarga, Watseka, Kankakee, Rantoul, Bloomington.....; we even have regular customers drive down from Chicago!

Organic or non-organic items!

Order arrives every month at Mulberry Lane Farm in Loda, IL.

You pick up your order on the day of delivery. What could be simpler!

You won't believe the prices! Compare $1.25 a lb on Fuji organic apples from Azure to $4.99 a lb at Meijers! Save money and timely trips to the grocery store not to mention many hard to find organic items.

Now for the finer details.....

Products come in all sizes. From one pound all the way up to bulk sizes, usually 25 - 50 pounds. The more of an item you order, the cheaper per pound it will be!

Simply look over our supplier's catalogue (more on that later); the catalogue is a little overwhelming, but the money saved is well worth the effort. The site is well organized and easy to use. They have everything from soup to nuts, just like a large grocery store! And all right from your desk at home! We even offer delivery service from our Mulberry Lane Farm right to your door, for a small fee.

Turn around time is a max. of four weeks and a min. of one week.

Our truck delivery comes every Wednesday afternoon, once a month.

All items are checked over carefully on day of pickup. You are responsible to check over your items before leaving Loda. Damaged items remain at Mulberry Lane Farm in Loda; so no hassle for you to return items.

Placing An Order and Due Dates

To place and order, detailed instructions are given here:

How To Order


7 Grain Cereal

Barley, Pearled

Chia Seeds

Dried Coconut

Dried Cranberries

Dried Apricots

Dried Figs

Crystalized Cane Juice

In season fruit

Brown Flax Seed

Vital Wheat Gluten

Clover Honey

Oat Bran

Frozen foods (Organic Ice Cream!)

Steel Cut Oats

5 Grain Pancake Mix

Psyllium Husk

Popcorn Seeds

Quinoa (White)

Brown Rice


Sunflower Seeds, roasted/no salt or with salt

Sesame Seeds

Wheat Berries soft

Wheat Berries Hard White

What Berries Hard Red

Whole Wheat Cream of Wheat

And much, much more............

Phone: 217-386-2690



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