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Dr. Aardsma's Homeschool Academy

“private education in a safe and secure homesteading environment”

Do you strongly desire to homeschool your children
but cannot do so because of your circumstances?

Dr. Aardsma's Homeschool Academy in Loda, IL
may be the answer for you!

The next best thing to doing it yourself!

A safe and secure learning environment.

Administrator - Gerald E. Aardsma, Ph.D.

Teacher - Helen E. Aardsma, 28 years teaching experience

Small school size (limited to 8 students)

Grades 1 through Grades 12

Personal and caring oversight of students

Safe and secure learning environment

High SAT/ACT scores from graduates!
Our latest graduate received a 2160 on their SAT!

Individual Christian-based computer schooling 4 hours per day
(Curriculum used is Switched on Schoolhouse CDs (Alpha Omega Publishers)

Four Core Subjects:
History & Geography

Practical hands-on-learning 4 hours per day
(Organic gardening, animal husbandry, home economics, time management, music,
general household repairs, construction, sales, robotics, horticulture, accounting...)

Each day students can enjoy the world God created!

Hours: 8 am -5 pm Monday through Friday

Lunches provided (homemade, wholesome cooking!)

Parents provide laptops for their students

Before and After School care: 6 am – 7:45 am & 5 - 9 pm
($20 per hour, breakfast and supper provided if needed)

Summer Care: Practical hands-on-learning all summer long!

Learn to garden organically.

Who says education can't be fun?

Great for students of all ages...

Fresh air every day, year round!

Can apply and start at anytime during the year!

Application - $25 (one-time, non-fundable)


Placement Tests: (beginning and end of school year)
$50/per test

Option 1: $525 per month (lunch included) (grading by parents)
(20% off for second child)

(Parents are involved in the marking and grading; this keeps the tuition fees lower and helps parents stay in touch with their child’s progress. This requires the parent to spend approx 1 to 2 hours per week per child depending on the child’s scholastic ability. We teach parents how to mark their student’s work.)

Option 2: $625 per month (lunch included) (no grading by parents)
(20% off for second child)

(We do all the marking and grading and submit monthly grades to the parents as well as an end of year report.)

Delicious homemade bread.

Contact us:


Phone: 217-386-2690

Hands on learning, the best kind!

A great, peaceful place for children!


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