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General FAQ


Greetings, Helen!

I have several questions for you, if I may...

Are your eggs available all year round?

When will your chickens & turkeys be available?

I love your lamb & where there is lamb there is (hopefully) mutton. I lived for 10 years in Northern Arizona, in the wilds of Flagstaff. With the Navaho & Hopi reservations so close by there was always plentiful mutton available and I developed a taste for it. Do you ever slaughter older sheep? I would love to buy some stew meat for fall & winter.

Also, when I finish with the ranch dressing [i.e. buttermilk dressing] (which is REALLY tasty, by the by), would you like me to rinse/wash the jar & lid and return them to you so you can re-use them?

I love your site and reading about your dear family. Good luck with your wonderful produce stand!

Thanks for everything!


Hello Laurel,

Eggs are available all year round; more abundant in winter than summer and usually a little cheaper in winter.

We will have turkeys starting in September and until Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving they are frozen; before, fresh.

We do chickens up three times each summer. We will be doing our first batch in about 2-3 weeks. People usually reserve ahead of time. We call those who have reserved and then they come and pick them up same day as butchering. They weigh between 4 and 6 pounds or so.

We do up the lambs each fall, done professionally by our butcher. We haven't done up any older sheep. The lambs are about 6 months old when we do them up. That is all we have available at this time.

We would love to have the jars returned; it is a great way to recycle!


More coming soon..........

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