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In The News

I love my Fiestaware

1099 - Mom, August, 2013

I Want To Be An Organic Farmer

The Local Beet, November 2010

The Local Beet Blog

Chicago Tribune, June 2010.

Leisure Blogs

A mother-daughter day out to U Pick Strawberries!
Photo by Helen E. Aardsma, June 2010.
A mother-daughter day out!

Chambana Moms, June 2010.

U Pick at Mulberry Lane Farm

Strawberry Brownie Delight!
A yummy Strawberry Brownie Delight!

Fleur de Sel Blog, June 2010.

Strawberry Cobbler

On the left---the oldest Strawberry U Picker -- 87 years young!
Photo by Helen E. Aardsma, June 2010.
87 year old U Picker!

The Yeoman Farmer, June 2010.

Once you hit the link, scroll down to the June 3, 2010 posting---"Illinois U Pick".

Illinois U Pick

These chocolate dipped strawberries were unbelievably good!
Photo by Helen E. Aardsma, June 2010.
Heavenly delights!

The News Gazette, Champaign, Illinois, May, 2010L.

On Wednesday, May 19, 2010 Christine Des Garennes wrote a nice article about our Strawberry U Pick in the Food Section of the newspaper.

Our farm is the only organic strawberry farm in Illinois!
Photo by Helen E. Aardsma, June 2010.
The News-Gazette Article

A U Picker's Strawberry Stash.
Photo by Helen E. Aardsma, June 2010.
A U Picker's Bucket!


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