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Today We Have...

Use this handy table to see what we have available today! It can also be used to place an order for items you will pick up.

In the "availability" column below, available means you can pick up the item at the time you specify below; waiting list refers to items which are currently sold out, or are very popular and must be reserved. You will be put on a list and contacted as soon as the item you requested is available.

Asparagusdone$4.991 pound
Beans, Greenmore coming soon!$2.491 pound
Beets, babyavailable$2.491 pound
Bread, French*reserve$4.491 1/2 pound loaf
Bread, Whole Wheat*reserve$7.991 1/2 pound loaf
Corn, sweetdone$2.99dozen
Eggs, Brownavailablevariesdozen
Onions, greenavailable$.991 dozen
Lettuce, various typesdone$1.991 full bag
Granolaavailable$6.991 quart
Potatoes, red/white, newavailable$1.49pound
Raspberries, Blackdone$3.993 oz
Rhubarb, reddone$2.991 pound
Spinachdone$3.99full bag
Strawberry Jamavailable$4.998 oz
Strawberry Jamavailable$8.991 pint
Strawberries, pickeddone$4.991 pound
Strawberries, secondsdone$1.991 pound
Tomatoesavailable$2.491 pound

To Place An Order...

Simply let us know how much of each item you would like by filling in the "quantity" fields in the table. Then fill in the fields below, click the "PLACE RESERVE ORDER & DISPLAY MY RESERVE TICKET" button, and we will have your order ready for you when you arrive!

What is your name?
When will you pick up your order?
Please specify date and time.
E-mail address and phone number where we may contact you if necessary regarding your order. 


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