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Welcome To Mulberry Lane Farm!

"You can taste the difference!"

Bulk Products

You are at the right place for organic food (all our USDA Certified Organic products are non-GMO and glyphosate free; no Roundup!) and canning supplies. We are certified organic by the Global Organic Alliance (GOA).

The majority of our products are grown by United States farmers with the exception of oats and a few other products which are grown in Canada. We love to support the USA! And thanks for supporting us small guys!

We offer secure shopping and fast shipping, all for an unbeatable price! Even though we use a PayPal Checkout, you do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase from us. Simply add your items to your cart and go through the normal PayPal check out and pay via your credit card.

Please note that it will say "Aardsma Research & Publishing" on your checkout receipt. Aardsma is our last name; Aardsma Research & Publishing is our parent company.

Simply make your choice under "eStore" from the navigation bar at left!

A Review

Thank you for the quick delivery and high quality products you offer. It was very convenient to order directly from you and use paypal. I appreciate your 5-star service!

I will be a repeat customer. Thanks!

D. N.

***Due to food safety restrictions by the FDA and Homeland Security,
we are unable to accept returns on food items.***

Please note: Our products are packed in a facility that also packs
soy, peanuts and wheat.

From A Happy Customer!

Hello Helen,

I had placed an order from you via another online source, and was so pleased that I thought I would order directly from you. I am on a very limited income ($750) per month, but I am trying to slowly prepare my long term storage needs. I firmly believe that we are headed for some trouble, and as a senior citizen I realize that I may be in the group that will be most severely affected by any issues with food.

With that said, I wanted you to know that I was thrilled with the quality and cleanliness of the products that I purchased, and I will (after I finish paying of this batch) most certainly order again. You delivery was much faster than I expected, and I can't praise your product enough.

Once again, thank you!

Thank you,

K. M.

We will be glad to assist you! To contact us by phone, e-mail, or mail use the "Contact Us" link in the navigation bar.

Photo by Helen E. Aardsma


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