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Helen's Mulberry Lane Farm Journal

November, 15, 2009

I've got so much to share and my heart is full to the brim with it all! Our trip to New Hampshire in August for my mother-in-love's reunion was so wonderful! It tooks several years of planning but whizzed by so fast while we were there---all we have now are precious memories, cherished photos and a deeper love for family.

My mother-in-law, Margaret A. Aardsma, and some of her descendents.

I enjoyed decorating the hall with
mother and grandmother type items.

Our Rachel and her cherished Grandma Aardsma.

We were blessed to meet a penpal of Beka's and her family while in New Hampshire. What a time we shared at the ocean with The Hipke family! It was a refreshing time of fellowship and sharing of kindred hearts.

The Gerald Aardsma and Hipke family at the beach in New Hampshire.

Gerald and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary in August. There are no words to express the dearness of this man to me. I am blessed and RICH!

My beloved and me.

Timothy, Caleb and Gerald have been busy cutting and splitting wood by hand. We sold quite a few cords so far this fall. If you need any, give us a call---we are happy to deliver and stack it for you as well.

This is what a facecord looked like after drying all summer.

Caleb and Gerald getting their exercise on a cool fall day.

'Beka and Rachel continue to delight us with their kitchen delectables! Oh! The girls are available to help you with your holiday baking. Pumpkin and apple pies, pumpkin and banana bread, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, French bread, raisan bread......they also take special requests. Just give them 24 hours notice and they will have your items piping hot from the oven for you, just in time for your holiday parties! Call them at 217-386-2690!

Yummy tarts warm from the oven! Can't you smell them?

And this is what I do a lot of---but I already miss
hanging out the laundry on a warm summer day!

The five kids at home aren't too old for pumpkin carvin' yet. I'm glad. We all enjoy the results!

Great artistic minds at work!

Beka's artwork.

My grandchildren continue to give me joy and delight and keep my heart young!

Grandparent's Day at our grandaughter Kelsey's preschool
in Woodworth, Illinois.

Kelsey is my little pumpkin!

We were delighted with three little trick-or-treaters this year!

Cailyn, Kelsey & Brooklyn
come to Grandma's house
for treats, hugs and kisses!

Grandpa with three little "kitties", two un-named and one Kelsey Gioja.

Here I am with a very inquisitive "duck",
my grandaughter Brooklyn Gioja.

"I'm sure glad to get that pumpkin
suit off me, Grandma!"

While I played with the grandbabies,
David and his brothers did some target practice.

We take Sundays off for worship, R & R and family. We found some nice walking trails at Middlefork this fall. Great bird watching spot!

Tim and Caleb seeking out wildlife.

"Just Pop and me". (Gerald and Tim)

It was so much fun to babysit three of my grandchildren for several days in September. Jennifer left her three, Katie, Joshua and Ethan here with us while they and two of my other daughters went to minister in music to fellow believers in St. Louis.

Katie learns how to hang out
laundry with Grandma.

After the work was done, Grandpa took them all for hay rides around the block. You never saw such giggles and laughter!

The weather cooperated making time in the pool a blast!

And now we are closing up the garden, cleaning out the store and packing up the tools for the winter. It is a bitter-sweet time. Time to rest up from our busy summer and begin making our garden plans and seed orders for next year. As we watch the farmers bringing in their "yellow gold" (beans and corn), we are aware of God's faithfulness to us once again, another season past---another year of God's goodness! We already miss our daily plate of tomatoes on the table, those delicious crunchy green peppers, the warm sun on our backs and the great conversations with you--our customers!

Thanks for supporting the small local, organic, family farm this past season! Thanks for your excitement regarding our produce and for spreading the word about us! We will see you when the snow melts in the spring and the asparagus pokes up out of the ground.

Do drop in sometime over the winter for a chat and some hot chocolate! Maybe 'Beka and Rachel will just happen to be making tarts that day!

One more thing! You can now sign up on my New Content E-mail List
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All for now! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!



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