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Helen's Mulberry Lane Farm Journal

May 20, 2011

We are gearing up for our strawberry season. The crop is in full flower and we expect the strawberries to be ready in about one to two weeks. Start saving your ice cream buckets and head on over for our U Pick season! (Do call regarding picking conditions before heading over---217.386.2690.) Of course, we will have already picked strawberries this season as well.

The fields are white unto harvest.

We had a once in a lifetime event 2.5 weeks ago. Hail came down the size of golf balls! We watched in horror as the hail came pounding down on our strawberry plants, some of which were in full bloom! We will not know how much damage has been caused until the plants fruit here soon.

We measured the hail just so people would believe us!

We will all remember the Hail of 2011!

I enjoyed a precious Mother's Day again this year.

My reward! My delight! My joy!

The Aardsma Five on Mother's Day 2011.

Now you know why they give me such happiness! God's gift to me!

We all enjoyed our annual Mother's Day trip to Hart's Greenhouse to get a few flowers.

Beka is back from BJU for the summer.
Rachel and 'Beka are still best buddies!

I'm glad God made flowers, aren't you?

My lilacs that I received from the Aardsma Five last Mother's Day.
How I enjoyed them this year!

Having Gerald by my side, my joy is complete for another
Mother's Day to file and remember.

We recently celebrated Matthew's 21st birthday.
What a blessing he is to so many people!

We also celebrated Esther's graduation from high school.
(Esther is Matthew's girlfriend.)
She is as sweet as she is beautiful!

My Lily of the Valley are doing great this year and spreading all along the garage. Their smell is simply heavenly!

My mother used to say great things come in small packages.

Tim, our resident ornithologist, took this neat picture of a robin's nest in our apple tree. This is what it looked like before the golf ball size hail storm!

Stop by soon and get some fresh asparagus, green onions, baby spinach and radishes!



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