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Helen's Mulberry Lane Farm Journal

Matthew's Wedding: Part Two

Very diligent ushers practiced and practiced
rolling out the white runner until they got it perfect.

Beka curled Esther's hair while Esther
sewed the ribbon on the
flower girl's dress.

'Beka and J. concentrating as they lace up Esther's dress.

I am always amazed at the abundance of friends that Matthew has, and how much they enjoy and appreciate him. Matthew's boss, from the U of I, attended the wedding and spent a few minutes with Matthew just before the service. C. gave Matthew a few special mementoes that belonged to his grandmother. Life is made up of precious moments like these to be cherished and remembered.

Matt and C. before the service.

Rachel was the wedding co-ordinator
and Joey the wedding photographer.
They are next to get married!

Country decor for the reception.

A great chapel decorating "sweet sister" team!
These dear daughters are true servants.
They live their faith out in their kind deeds and works
and "You know they are Christians by their love" for everyone around them.
'Beka and Rachel---I'm so proud to call you my daughters!

Here I am helping my dearest friend,
Eldora, put on her corsage.
My oldest daughter, Jennifer, did my hair for the wedding.

One of the things I love about weddings is that it gives us a perfect opportunity to tell those special people in our lives how much we love them. Life is crazy busy, hectic---too much so. I'm glad for moments like those in the picture below.

See the love?

A hilarious moment as the ushers give Matthew
last minute directions on where to enter the chapel,
which direction to walk, where to stop and
where to stand until Esther walks up the aisle.

Makeup and hair done---great job J.!
"Friends are friends forever,
if the Lord's the Lord of them."

Most bride's have meltdowns, some small ones, some big ones (size refers to meltdowns not size of bride!). This is my sixth child to get married. All weddings have stress associated with them and something always goes wrong. That is par for the course. They say you can tell a lot about a person by how they handle stress.

Matthew and Esther's wedding, due to circumstances beyond our control, had a few last minute fairly major "situations". What amazed me was Esther absolute calm, peace, self-control and trust in the Lord that she displayed throughout. I don't think I know of any woman, even an old woman with years of life's "situations" thrown at her, who could have handled herself as sweetly, kindly, graciously, clear-headedly and maturely as Esther did. This is a what Spirit-controlled woman looks like under stress.

Esther, I love you and am so proud of you. You shine as an example of godly womanhood! Thank you for being who you are. I am privileged to know you and to now have you as my own daughter-in-love. Welcome to our hearts and family!

This is one of my favorite pictures
of Esther taken before the wedding.
"A bride adorned for her husband."

Katie (my grandaughter) and J. helping with Esther's train.

Work Continues on the New Mulberry Lane Farm Store!

Joey, Rachel's fiance, was here to help with the concrete pour.
Such a blessing that young man is!
Thank you, Joey!

This is hard work!
The girl's arms felt like jelly when they were done!

Almost done! We were thankful for a perfect day weather wise.

A job for the perfectionist type!
Thanks Joey and Gerald!

Putting on the top front pieces.

Tim finishing the roof rafters.

Gerald and Caleb putting down the roof boards.

We are baking rhubarb pies this weekend.

And French bread too!
Place an order today!

Right now we have the following items for sale: spinach, various types of leaf lettuce, radishes, green onions, asparagus, granola, brown eggs, strawberry jam, and homemade ranch dressing (great with asparagus and salad!). Strawberries coming next week! Don't miss out!

More wedding photos and new store pictures coming soon!


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