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Helen's Mulberry Lane Farm Journal

My phone is ringing off the hook as strawberry orders come rollin' in! Strawberries are still on "reserve only" status and U Pick is still a few days off due to the cooler weather these last few days. If the cooler weather continues, the strawberries will probably be ready by May 16th.

The strawberry crop is looking absolutely beautiful this year with the plants just loaded with berries soon to ripen. The best berries and most plentiful picking of the year are in the first week to ten days, so don't wait! Several groups are coming out during that time, so make your group plans now by calling ahead.

The prices are higher during the first week---if you are looking for bargains and are willing to take a chance, waiting until the second or third week is a good idea. Don't forget we have strawberry seconds (these are strawberries left from sorting out the number ones) that many folks use for jam berries or freezing. These come in 5 pound pails and are more plentiful towards the end of the season; prices vary depending on demand. Towards the last week of picking I sometimes have extra seconds at the end of the day that I want to clear out; if you are looking for super deals on seconds that is a good time to call or drop in.

Thanks for supporting our local, sustainable, organic farm. I so enjoy providing you with healthy, fresh picked produce and chatting with you is always an added plus! Drop in again soon.

Matthew's Wedding Part Three

Esther made a lovely picture frame guest book that everyone signed.

Waiting for the go ahead to head up into the chapel.

Our two grandchildren, Sammy & Katie
getting ready to walk down the aisle.

"Is this really happening or am I dreaming?"

Progress on the New Mulberry Lane Farm Store!

Thank you for your sweet encouragement as we build our new store---I think you are as excited as we are! We are really looking forward to be able to serve you better in our new facilities!

Gerald holding onto Caleb's legs
to keep Caleb from falling off the roof.
Caleb is screwing down the edges of the roof.

Gerald inspects the newly installed steel roof.

In go the front door and front windows!

Gerald inside the new store
getting ready to install the door handles.

More news and wedding photos coming soon! Thanks for droppin' in.


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