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Helen's Mulberry Lane Farm Journal

Rachel's Wedding, Part Six


The paperwork for the wedding involved the wedding invitations, RSVP cards, church bulletin and wisdom cards.

Rachel did all the printing herself. Not having the right software to do these jobs was a major issue, let me tell you! Don't even try to do this in Microsoft Word unless you want enough frustration to last a life time. Maybe you know a friend who has the proper software and they can help you out? Maybe you should just buy the software; it is probably cheaper than insane asylums.

Rachel decided to type the address labels on clear Avery labels. But let us not talk about typing all the labels in and setting them up to work properly. It is either time or money, like they say. We don't have much of either, but more time than money!

Rachel "tying the knot!"

But the end result of the invitations was lovely. Rachel also put a photo of her and Joey in the invitation. I think this is a nice idea since so many people can't make it to the wedding and they are eager to see what the couple looks like.

I think the invitations cost about $200 by the time Rachel printed everything and then paid for the stamps for both the invitation and the RSVP return envelopes. Stamps are the main cost.

Rachel had a nice idea. She wrote up her and Joey's love story and put it inside the church program. This gave guests something to do while waiting for the wedding to start.

Sonya shed a tear or two as she read the love story.

heart is breaking/weeping....

Rachel printed up "Wisdom Cards" and put them in the church program for people to fill out their marriage advice. Rachel put the cards in an album to look over and read every now and then.

Here is what I wrote on one side of Rachel's "Wisdom Cards."

Having a printer do all the paperwork would have cost "quite a bit of tin" but I don't know what the actual numbers would be.

Joey and Rachel when they first started dating.

Coming Soon! Rachel Wedding; Part Seven; Dress Rehearsal Day.

             Copyright ©1996-2021 Mulberry Lane Farm. All rights reserved;photos and content.

             Copyright ©1996-2021 Mulberry Lane Farm. All rights reserved;photos and content.