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Helen's Mulberry Lane Farm Journal

A Love Story

By Rachel (Aardsma) Contreras

This story begins a long time ago, when a college student became friends with her academic advisor and his wife. The college student got married to another student, and they had a little boy. Some time later, the advisor and his wife had a little girl, just in time to move most of the way across the country.

When the little girl was eight and the little boy was eleven, they met for the first time that they were old enough to remember. The girl thought the boy was something special from the very beginning, while the boy was entirely unaware of the girl’s existence.

Over six years and a few more family visits, the girl continued to think that the boy was something special (although she denied thinking about him at all). Then in September 2008 they saw each other again, and the boy finally became aware of the girl, at least enough to send her a random email for no good reason two months later. A very excited girl sent a response and simultaneously began planning their happy future as husband and wife.

What began as a random email blossomed into a thoroughly enjoyed daily correspondence. And somewhere along the way it went from acquaintance to friendship to love, and the girl wasn’t the only one thinking somebody was something special anymore.

Rachel & Joey, February, 2011

In the fall of 2010 the boy headed off to college (conveniently located 4 hours from the girl), and the daily emails came to an end and were replaced with daily phone calls and visits about every three months…which was way better.

During one ordinary phone call the boy told the girl of his plans to formally being dating her when he visited for Thanksgiving 2010, which was just a few weeks away. The excitement on both sides was so intense that it was 1 am before they were calm enough to stop talking and go to sleep.

A long-distance relationship began. It consisted of lots of long phone calls, loneliness, short visits separated by months of absence, and tearful goodbyes. Somehow through it all they managed to fall more in love every day, and finally, in late December 2011, the boy asked the girl to marry him in a quiet pasture at sunset. She said yes.

And today, in the culmination of a ten year love story… they are getting married.

The big date was set!
June 29, 2012.

No more goodbyes.....


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