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Helen's Mulberry Lane Farm Journal

We are excited to announce the opening of our Mulberry Lane Farm store for the season!

We will open Monday, April 14th at 8 a.m.

Our hens have just started laying for the year. We are going to celebrate with an egg special of .99 a dozen! And just in time for Easter. (Limit three dozen eggs per family. No reserves, please. Sale lasts until and including Friday, April 18th as long as supplies last.)

Opening sales include 10% off all merchandise in the store!

Don't miss out. Saturday, April 19th only.

We have our freezers stocked with our organic beef and pork. Also a nice supply of organic grains, seeds, dried fruit, etc.

Helen's Granola, made right here in Mulberry Lane Farm kitchens, is back by popular demand, as well.

Due to the late spring, the men have been watching the garden soil carefully for a chance to get into the garden to plant. There was a 1.5 day window of opportunity. The ground was dry and we knew that several big storms were coming our way in about 24 hours. Gerald, Tim, Beka and Caleb managed to get the onions, lettuce, radishes, beets, spinach, potatoes, asparagus roots, and blueberries planted. Whew!

'Beka doing the tedious job of planting onions, one at a time.

Getting ready to dig the row for the asparagus roots.

We are really getting good use out of our 1950 8N Ford tractor
that we bought and refurbished last summer!

Big storms did come! The next night we got 3.9 inches of rain and "hail drifts!" The hail storm sounded like a tornado coming through. This is what we saw in front of our deck the next morning.

This is what the drifts were made up of.

I have been busy over the winter making 100% cotton dish/wash cloths. I started a new pattern this winter, which I really like. It is knitted instead of crocheted. I think the knitting holds up better because it is a tighter weave. Your purchase of our cotton cloths helps support our organic farm. Thank you!

I have several colors available for sale.
These sell for $5.99.

Today I am working on my giant blackboard for the store. The blackboard will go right behind the counter, so you can see everything we offer and the prices. I made a small one to practice on and it is now in my kitchen. Here is what it looks like.

My store blackboard in progress.
Did I mention the word giant?!

Our store hours are:

Monday thru Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm.

Closed Sundays for family and worship.

See you soon!

Rachel's Wedding Day, December 29, 2012

Part One

Rachel and Joey put on a nice breakfast for all the wedding party and helpers.
It was an early morning!

'Beka doing last minute touch ups on the flowers.

A family friend, J. did so many things to help with the wedding. One of them was doing Rachel's hair. Thank you, J. for your servant's heart and your sweet, gracious attitude. You shine the love of Jesus in all you do!

The final product was beautiful, n'est pas?

'Beka putting on the groom's boutonniere.

While we were all waiting in the basement for the guests to arrive and the wedding to begin, Joey, the groom, (an engineering student) put this message, in programming code, on the blackboard:

wedding_time= 11:30;

current_time= now;

while current_time

fprintf ('WOW!!!!/n/FREAK OUT /n/n')

current_time= now


'Beka trying to decipher Joey's "message."

Joey was concerned that he might have to dance at the reception. Johnathan, his brother, thought they should practice. It was all in jest, of course, since there was no dance at the wedding reception.

Jamie, jack-of-all-trades and master of many, took the wedding photos.

Timothy, brother of the bride (and my son), got to hold the flowers while the ladies were getting set up for their photos.

"You won't make me walk down the aisle with these, will you?"

Joey was so nervous, he had to be wheeled down the aisle in a wheelchair. Just kidding. Actually, when his Mom asked him if he had butterflies in his stomach, he said, "No, eagles!"

Joey goofing off before the service.

Bye for now!


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