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Helen's Mulberry Lane Farm Journal

A Quick Post on a Quick & Simple Gift Idea

I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to give as gifts to our employees and volunteers. I had picked up a few country looking mugs with strawberries on them at the thrift store and was going to fill them with trail mix. While I was filling them, I thought of a way to improve them and make them “cooler”. This is what I came up with.

"Mason Jar ~ Double The Fun"
Christmas Gift

I like this gift because it is two gifts in one. Some goodies and the gift wrapping is a reusable drink container. You saw it here first!

These would work well for party favors, hostess gifts, a teacher gift, for grandchildren, for your students, etc. You can purchase the basic parts to make these "Mason Jar ~ Double The Fun" gifts right here on Mulberry Lane Farm. If you order today, you should receive your items in 1 – 3 business days and still have time to make them for Christmas.

I love this unique square
vintage Mason canning jar!

These directions make four gift jars.

You need:

~4 of regular mouth size 16 ounce or quart size canning jars.
(If you have some vintage ones that makes the gifts extra special.)

~Ball Sip & Straw Lids.
(These come in a set of 4. Make sure to pick the regular mouth size. This product is reusable, dishwasher safe and PBA free!)

~Ball Green Bands (Rings). (These come in a set of 6 lids and 6 bands.)

~Goodies to fill the jars.
(It needs to be something that once the jar is filled you can jam the straw down into the jar. For example, fudge or cookie dough wouldn’t work well as a filler. Or if you have more patience that I do, you can put the straw in first and fill fudge or cookie dough around it.)

Here are some ideas for filler. Trail Mix, milk chocolate chips, fancy nuts, Popcorn Seeds, vintage marbles, a new or antique Christmas ornament, homemade granola, soup or brownie mix.

Ribbon. I used some trim that I had in my sewing notions stash.

4 Gift Tags.


You don’t need these directions, I’m sure, but if you are having a “can’t think straight” kind of day, like I often do, here are the directions. Simply fill your jars with your goodies, put on the sip lid and screw it down with the Ball green band. Put the straw in. Write on your gift tag. Wrap some ribbon around the base of the green band, slipping the gift tag onto the ribbon and tying the ribbon tightly against the jar.

If you order your supplies from Mulberry Lane Farm before Thursday, December 18th, I will throw in some free gift tags and ribbon.

Have fun!



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