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Helen's Mulberry Lane Farm Journal

December 12, 2020.

Are You Lonely? Are You Hurting, Too?

Some seasons are lonely....some seasons are physically painful....some seasons are emotionally painful....some seasons have been disappointing; dreams have died.

There are lessons to be learned during these seasons. Embrace this season, whatever it might be....yes, even embrace it with joy.

Reach out to loving and kind acts, even if you don't feel like it. Don't follow your emotions....follow your conscience....follow principles from God's word.

Reach out to other lonely people. Listen to their worries and cares. And don't burden them too much with yours. You may find your cares pale in significance to theirs. Pray for them.

Bake a cake for that nasty neighbor.

Clean that stuffed garage, and pass on the stuff to other people who can use it.

Don't fill your mind with junk, to try to soothe your the biographies of great missionaries; then you will see real suffering.

Remind yourself of God's faithfulness in your life, over and over again. Did you not wake up this morning and feel the warm sun on your skin?

Matthew and Esther's darlin' children! October, 2020.

A Taste of Orange

I thought I would try something a little different to ice some Christmas cookies. Probably others have done this too, but, really, I came up with this idea all by my lonesome!

I added a little orange juice instead of milk. (My recipe is a cup of icing sugar, 2 tablespoons of butter, and enough orange juice to make the consistency I want.) It is just a subtle hint of merry!

Christmas Gift Suggestions

To your enemy, forgiveness.

To an opponent, grace.

To a friend, your heart.

To a customer, service.

To every child, a good example.

To a parent, honor.

To a boss, a good attitude.

To a pastor, appreciation.

To a grocery clerk, a friendly smile.

To a weary single mom, a car repair.

To a socially awkward teenager, a listening ear.

To a lonely widow, a phone call.

To a great grandmother, a long, chatty letter in the mail.

To everyone, charity.

Some of the best gifts do not come in a box with a bow.

My son, Caleb, as a young teenager, made the wooden spinning top.



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