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Helen's Mulberry Lane Farm Journal

January 01, 2021

Ice Storm To Start the New Year!

Woke up this new day, this new year, to a fabulous ice storm! Happy New Year and thank you for following my journey!

Our garden shed this morning!

Asparagus in the garden on this new day and new year!

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment
before starting to improve the world. By Anne Frank.

Our baby mulberry tree.

A happy marriage after forty-six years isn't luck or magic. Each must be totally committed to the other. Both must be "all in". It takes hard work, cultivation, dying to one's self, constant sacrifice, "my life for yours", all about them not you....When you have two people who live this day in and day out, you get something after forty-six years that is so mysteriously wonderful; it is hard to put into words to explain such deep joy and fulfillment.

November 2020

Did I mention what a wonderful Grandpa he is?
Christmas Day 2020

It has been a long, very difficult road to the vitamin discoveries that Gerald has made. It has been a humanitarian effort and we have pulled together in the same harness to get to this point. It has been my great privilege and honor to be a part of such a work and worth every ounce of blood, sweat and tears.

Gerald received a patent in December 2020 for the first vitamin discovery; the second vitamin is patent pending. (You can learn more about the vitamins here:
Dr. Aardsma's Vitamins)

It has meant many lonely evenings and weekends for me for many, many years. But, I'd rather have one minute with my husband than a whole lifetime with anyone else.

I don't understand much of my husband's work, but I understand him.

"The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind." By Friedrich Nietzsche. Being married to a scientist, who also happens to have integrity, I have seen how scientific research which reveals new truth means giving up old falsehoods. It takes a truly humble and brave scientist who can give up years of long-held theories, even his own and grasp onto new, ever emerging theories and ideas.

"Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors
and let every new year find you a better man" by Benjamin Franklin.



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