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Helen's Mulberry Lane Farm Journal

March 14, 2021

The Old Loda Grade School; Basement

Remind me again why we bought the old school? This photo is to remind me why.

Part of my husband's research lab in 2017.

When we purchased the school, the basement was full of a foot of water. The moisture caused all of the ceiling tiles to cave in onto the floor. You can just imagine water soaked ceiling tiles!

All of the junk in the basement had to be taken out, which meant climbing stairs carrying 200 pound bags of wet ceiling tiles! All the old paint cans had to be dumped out before they could be picked up in the commercial dumpsters. We poured them over the old rugs and furniture that were in the dumpsters. We also took many trips to the local scrap yard!

The back deck of the school with just the beginning
of junk from the basement.

Now the fun part. New basement research labs are now completed!

Chemistry lab.

More chemistry lab.

Research labs. (This was the old coal bin!)

The two docs!
(Photo taken in one of the old classrooms
that we now use as a seminar room.)

Our son Matthew is in charge of construction; he put in many exhausting, long hours. He does an excellent job managing the great team he has under him. My husband Gerald did all the planning and also helped with some of the construction. (Gerald does writing and research most of the time.)

It is easy to get discouraged as there is so much more to do on this old school. But it is rewarding to write this story up as it is a reminder to me of all the work that has been accomplished and all the miracles that God has done!



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